Referência: FK/H24B

The Fully Automatic Splitting Machine H 24 B is used to split blocks and slabs made of the above-mentioned materials economically into thin sheets. The slabs are put onto a non-gliding aluminum table showing a special adhesive corundum paint.
During the automatic feed of the table the block is split into the requested layer thicknesses. Depending on the length of the table the number of blocks to be cut can be varied. The cut layers are directly taken off after the splitting process.

Blocks and slabs made from agglomerated cork
Cork rubber up to a hardness of 70° Shore Scale “A”
Bonded rubber
As well as slabs made of recycled reconstituted rubber
Working width (mm): 1200 [47.2"], 1400 [55.1"]
Table length (mm): 2200 [86.6"] extendable by n x 1000 [39.3"]
Bandknife (mm): 60 x 1 [2.4 x 0.04"]
Feeding speed (m/min): 4-40 [13-130'/min]